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including solar radiation shield meteorete protec218
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 if you have a weather station:  

we offer Our Pride or  Kit Meteorete    cheap, with transportation included . The cost and 'including station PCE fws20 of PCE ITALY + our solar Radiation Shield meteorete artisan forced ventilation (basic) + free membership to our meteorological network + our services weather premier professional free for 1 year.

With the kit meteorete're ready to be a point of reference weather for your area, you will be visible on our maps in real time and on our home page. You will also have a web space to customize your html pages.


Above the assembly diagram of the kit Meteorete

Weather data is collected and sent by the sensors mounted on the pole supplied, the thermo-hygrometer also mounted on the pole and place in our solar screen. Finally thermohygrometer depart from all the data to the control unit via radio waves. The control unit (console) is connected to the PC via a USB cable supplied. 
The station also works without connecting to a PC, the PC is used to download weather data, otherwise after a week of weather data is overwritten in the memory of the console (datalogger ) and above is used to send the weather data in the Internet to our server

The Thermo, that just collects the sensor signals, sends data: temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall through radio waves at 868 MHz, every 43 seconds to the control unit, for a theoretical maximum distance of 100 m open field.

If the sensors are placed on the roof and the control unit is located two floors below, transmitting radio waves can 'be limited by the structure of the walls and the same tenement. Therefore, in an enclosed want to keep a maximum distance between the thermo-hygrometer and the control unit of 25-40 m.

sunscreen protec218

New solar radiation shield protec218, supplied with the kit meteorete : 
the sun shield and 'fundamental' cause sheltering from the weather sensor thermohygrometric and allows a correct reading of the air temperature. Our screen supplied, equipped with fan powered by photovoltaic cell, ensures correct temperature values.

The weather station pce-fws20 is a good weather station, low price and excellent performance, the problem 'and that' lacks a true sunscreen.

Therefore, the kit offers meteorete together with weather station and our meteorological services, our sunscreen, which completes the necessary instrumentation to become the point of rferimento weather for your area

From tests done on the field, under a blazing sun, the values ​​recorded in the screen original gray finned (in the figure, the small one on the right) supplied to the weather station PCe, are 6-7 degrees more than the inclusion of the same thermohygrometer the screen solar Meteorete see solar radiation shield


On the left you can see our new sunscreen (vers. June 2014), applied on the pole, does not require any modification to secure it. The screen however you can apply it on the pole in other ways, by bands or collars purchased at a hardware store

The Thermo is inserted into the screen solar meteorete, in each case in the package and 'always present original gray screen with attached solar panel to recharge the batteries.

You can reuse the solar panel supplied, which remains attached to its original gray casing, to recharge the batteries, using an ordinary telephone extension male femmima


The kit meteorete we also added the correction to the original rain gauge PCE, a casing to be inserted above the pan to avoid in case of heavy rain the rebound of drops of water out of the rain gauge. See deepening

the edge of the rain gauge, with the corrective, is higher than 2.7 cm than before  
(Keep in mind that the Weather Station   PCE-fws20  you find on the market but without sunscreen because 'does not exist for this weather station, except for a plastic cap finned that simulates the function of protective shield. We give you in addition to the protective screen , included in the package, our sunscreen that properly measure the temperature and can also take advantage of our services professional weather) 
monitoring service meteorological c ostituito by the weather station: PCE fws20 equipped with 1) software for the operation: -Easyweather software -Cumulus for the network meteorete

cumulus image software supplied with the kit meteorete
2) sunscreen artisan forced ventilation.
sunscreen meteorete

protective shield against solar radiation and bad weather, essential for a correct reading of the temperature. Internal ventilation via a fan powered by a solar cell  view details

3) free membership to our network weather:
You open an account on our servers for reporting weather manual. Your station will be on the page of the stations: 

Premier Service   subscription see details

offered for 1 year:

A 'ftp account for the manual and automatic signaling and a web space for your custom site with 5 mega, low enough to display the basic pages

The custom site and 'that produced by the HTML pages of cumulus program, we give you the basic pages translated into Italian that you can change at will. 
Your site and 'callable also

You will also have supplied a page dedicated weather:

depicting your weather data both automatic and manual. This page weather will be visible on the Internet and linked in all our maps in real time 
After 1 year, if you want to renew the service premier, the cost '€ 18 per year, or the weather page will be dedicated replaced by free basic the   
Free service

For schools the premier service remains free even after expiration.

5) basic services
participating to our meteorological network , Your Station potra 'have good visibility' and help create the weather situation in real time on the whole 'Italy. Your station will be 'inserted into our real-time maps, and Google Maps, useful to know geographically where signals. 
In the services that we offer, you will have in addition to the automatic data transfer, even a manual signaling to be done in 24 hours to complete the picture of the weather your location. 
Whenever segnalerai manually you will appear on our home page, useful to know your own weather station and your location. 
Keep in mind that our site and 'visited on average per day from about 35000-100000 individual users, this depends on the season and the expected weather conditions, therefore, be present in our home-page means definitely enjoy a good visibility.
map in real time google maps on meteorete Real-time weather map weather page dedicated
Your weather station will be present in all the maps in real time   Your station will also feature in google maps  pointing out manually, you will appear in the home page and in the general map of Italy you'll have a page dedicated to weather also enter in your portal  
Examples:   Station Milan Polo Don Gnocchi    Centre Volovelistico Graian    all stations with kit meteorete
supply kit meteorete 
The purchase includes the supply weather station pce-fws20 + sunscreen artisan forced ventilation + subscription to our network weather + in addition a service package called Prime Minister for a term of one year .
However adherence to the meteorological network does not set any constraint in data transmission, if you are 'unable to transmit data in both automatic and manual modes must only notify our staff through an e_mail ( see rules )
technical support
The station is installed and configured by the user following the step by step our manuals. Our technical assistance and 'available via e_mail of 9:00 to 17:00 every day except Saturday and Sunday. 
The weather station is under warranty for 1 year, only to manufacturing defects
stick to the Weather Network 
Rules for installing weather station 
faq-installation cumulus
mounting kit meteorete 
manual station pce-fws20 
manual description kit-meteorete
Packaging 39x39x37 by parcel and shipping with UPS
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